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What A Beautiful Week It Was!

Can you believe it?? A COLD front in August!! It was definitely a nice break from the heat!! Kind of stimulates us to really start to think about fall coming up.
What generally happens , particularly after such brutal heat is that a lot of summer color basically just didn’t make it. So, do you replace now or wait for the real fall color in the end of September or mid- October? A lot of customers are just tired of seeing dying plants or empty beds.One of the early crops which is on the list this week is petunias. You say petunias? ┬áThese guys will give you great color well into the holidays but since it’s an early planting will most likely just barely get you into spring.
Lets look into some conditions that we are faced with. Two main factors. Ambient temperature ( what’s showing on the thermometer) and ground temperature ( bottom heat). Both of these stimulate plant growth. Ambient temperature varies as the season progresses into fall. Cooler day and nite temperatures start to slow down the plants growth rate but we are still dealing with ground temperature, bottom heat which stimulates growth. A good example of this is that when the next “cool” front moves through, early in the morning turn on your garden hose and it will seem as though there is warm water coming out!! There is!! So as the season progresses with more cooler temperatures, ground temperatures will radiate out and start to cool down the beds.
So, early plantings, more rapid growth, later plantings more controlled growth.
So keep this in mind when you are planting.
More Trivia next week………promise!
So, Till next time…..