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At Sunrise, all of our plants are tried and tested. We won’t sell you something you can’t depend on. All of our product are grown outside—where they should be—so when they fall into your hands, they’re hardy and acclimated. We have color for every season: caladiums, pentas, begonias, purslane, portulaca, angelonia for the summer, pansies, dwarf snap dragons, viola, ornamental cabbage, kale, begonias, petunias, alyssum for the fall and winter, and begonias, coleus, impatiens, salvia, caladiums, petunias, torenia, pentas for the spring, and many, many more.

We also sell over 140 herbs, the largest selection in a four-state area. Our sweet basil is our biggest seller, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We offer forty-two types of mint and over fifty types of hot peppers: chimayo, scotch bonnet, bhot jolokia—the world’s hottest!—and New Orleans birdseye pepper, which we’re reintroducing to the area after Hurricane Katrina. We have at least six unique Vietnamese herbs: hun quam, hung cay, kinh doi, rau hung, rau dam,and tia to, just to name a few. You can also look to us for seasonal, out-of-the-box vegetables: edamame, peanut plant, Armenian cucumber, baby corn, Cardoon, Creole merliton, cucuzzi squash, or unique culinary herbs like the Aztec culinary staple, papalo. In the winter, we’ve got tuscan kale, red mustard, purple mizuna, broccoli raab, artichoke, and ruby red lettuce, among others. Contact us if you have specific requests!

Last, but not least, we offer a selection of succulents and cacti unrivaled in a 250-mile radius. Whether your product is bound for patio settings, window locations, or the ground, we have what you need. Outside of our core rotation, we stock specimens from the common to the exceptionally rare: adeniums, sixteen-foot ponytail palms, six varieties of pachypodiums, night-blooming cereus, and over 150 varieties of day-blooming ephiphylums unique to our area. The list goes on and on; contact us for requests!